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Timeweb: Web-hosting features

9 of 10
10 days
Test period
3 USD / mo
Smallest price

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Rating: 9 of 10
Founded: 2007
Hosting plans: 2xYear - 3 USD / mo, 2xOptimo - 5 USD / mo, 2xCentury - 7 USD / mo, 2xMillennium - 10 USD / mo, 2xEterno [Bitrix] - 20 USD / mo


Register hosting Timeweb

First you need to create an account. Account created the link ( http://timeweb.com/ru/services/hosting/)

Select the rate, term of payment and click "Submit site" as shown in the image below:

Register hosting timeweb

The next step is to select a natural person or legal. A legal person should be zaponyat if you register hosting company or SP.

Then fill in the fields: Full name, e-mail. Also choose a tariff plan and terms of payment (you can always change the tariff plan and terms of payment in your account hosting). Do not forget to put a tick in the item "I agree with the terms of the offer".

Then click on Order Now.

Once you press the Order Now, you need to check e-mail, you specified at registration.

The letter of registration hosting ironed like the image below. It contains information about your tariff, on how to enter your personal cabinet hosting, how to download the site via FTP (login and password) and information about the test period.

free hosting trial period Timeweb

If you doubt the choice of hosting is suitable to your hosting speed, the load on the hosting, php and other parameters, you have the opportunity to test for free hosting timeweb.

The test period is hosting 10 days.

In order to get free hosting Timeweb for the test period, you need to create .

What is available on the hosting Timeweb during the test period?

Available for all the functionality of the website, namely:

  • You can send and edit files on hosting Timeweb via FTP
  • You can create a MySQL database and enter their data
  • You can add sites to your account Timeweb
  • You can add domains to your account Timeweb

What are the limitations on hosting Timeweb during the test period?

The only limitation hosting Timeweb during the test period - is sending mail through php scripts or out of the office.

If, during the test period, you realize that hosting Timeweb suits you, then you need to add funds to your personal account. Price per month depending on the selected tariff plan.

If for some reason you do not fit hosting Timeweb, you do not need to bring additional actions, hosting Timeweb locked independently, and the data is deleted.

Control Panel hosting Timeweb

Control Panel from Timeweb own design. With an intuitive interface, it is easy to understand even for a beginner


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Have you found an inaccuracy in the tariff plan description? Please, contact us and we will amend.

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